At PGC Legal we have extensive experience assisting franchisors and franchisees on all franchise related matters.

Our clientele include many well renowned franchisors and multi-unit owners, whom we advise on a regular basis.

Whether you are looking at selling or buying a franchise, PGC Legal is able to assist you with the preparation and review of franchise agreements, business sale agreements, leasing documents and disclosure documents.

We can assist you in making your purchase or sale of your franchise an easier process by taking care of the complex legal documents, providing cost effective solutions, and making your experience streamlined and more enjoyable.

For franchisors specifically, we also assist with intellectual property licences, trademark and patent applications, and maintaining databases for our clients.

We also have a wealth of experience in assisting franchisors and franchisees to resolve disputes that may arise along the way, both in Court and through other dispute resolution options such as mediation.

Please contact Peter Charatsis or Brenton Priestley for more information.